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Tassa Extraordinaire 

Ustad Lenny Kumar, HBM

Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

​Mr. Lenny Kumar Hummingbird Medal Gold, 2022 National Awards in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the sphere of 'Culture' for his efforts in building the industry around tassa drumming, both locally and abroad. A tassa music virtuoso and leader of the NGC Trinidad and Tobago Sweet Tassa group, Lenny’s passion for the art form has fueled many innovations, such as new drumming styles

Lead his family band Boodoosingh Tassa Group for 35 years and won 29 competitions. In 2008 for the 163rd Anniversary of Indian Presence in Trinidad and Tobago, the Mera Desh Foundation recognized Mr. Kumar‟s valuable contribution to the Culture in Trinidad and Tobago in the field of Music (Tassa Drumming) and Community Service, by awarding him accordingly. 

A Tassa drummer for 48 years and creator of the Trinidad and Tobago Sweet Tassa, established in the year 2002 only Tassa organization with five (5) sections;  an 'All Male', an 'All Female',  an ‘All Junior’ Tassa band, created the Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa Academy in Trinidad and Tobago and an International band in Florida.

Currently sponsored by the National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited.

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As an Educator, I would like to preserve and protect the roots and original style of the Art Form of Tassa Drumming, to positively promote the Culture and to produce an appreciation for the Culture within and beyond the shores of Trinidad and Tobago. As a   musician, Mr. Kumar also composes hands for Tassa, he is credited for composing the "Chutney", “Punjabi”  " Tassamba" also known as "George of the Jungle rhythm" and "Bhangra" hands for Tassa and has created many more hands that are yet to be played.

​Teacher of the only All girls tassa band in Trinidad & Tobago for the past 13 years. Assisted the Digital Business Ltd. Creating the first even Tassa App for Android and iOS devices. Introduced Tassa Drumming to Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) and the Percussive Arts Society (PASIC). Introduced Tassa drumming to Mr. Remo D. Belli founder of REMO Inc., the world's largest drum head company. Creator and Director of NGC Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa Academy which is the only Tassa Drumming school in Trinidad. 

​​We’re proud of the reputation that NGC Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa Academy has gained throughout the years - for a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students from around the world. Sweet Tassa Academy is an ideal School of Tassa Drumming for students to prepare as musicians. Mr. Kumar is dedicated to teaching the art of tassa to anyone who is interested as well as a band to perform for any occasion.




Washington-USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden 2019 – Demonstration of tassa drumming and was the narrator in the Documentary on Tassa drumming: Sweet Tassa Music and Tradition of the Indian Caribbean Diaspora.

Anne Arundel Community College- AACC Performing Arts, Maryland 2018-Collaborated with Prof. Christopher Ballengee from AACC Performing Arts in Maryland in a Tassa Drumming Performance and Master class.

Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago in Washington, D.C. - Met with Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador Anthony Phillips-Spencer.


The prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, California 2016- competitors go head to head “Olympic-style” in a wide variety of competitions; in each category, there will be a fierce contest of skills to see who is truly the most accomplished in the world.


The NGC Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa All Girls band Tassa band took part in the instrumental – drumming category. They received 12 Silver medals.


Indiana University Bloomington, Folklore and Ethnomusicology - Collaborating with Mr. Christopher Ballengee highlighting the Technique and Repertoire of Trinidadian Tassa Drumming.


Jacobs Fork Middle School North Carolina 2012- Lecturing and demonstrating Tassa drumming Percussive Arts Society West Virginia Day of Percussion 2012 – In collaboration with Mr. Chris Ballengee lecture and demonstrate the art form of Tassa drumming.


2011 Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, IN, USA. –Mr. Chris Ballengee in collaboration with Mr. Lenny Kumar showcased the Technique and Repertoire of Trinidadian Tassa Drumming.


My Tassa band was the first Tassa band ever to participate in this event. University of Florida’s Center for World Arts, School of Music, and


The Center for the Study of Hindu Traditions (CHiTra)- Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa gave a series of master classes, performances, exhibitions, and lectures on tassa drumming and the art form at UF, Santa Fe College, Studio Percussion, & the SF Spring Arts Festival 2010 it was truly a momentous occasion for those interested in music and culture of the Indian- Caribbean Diaspora.


The prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, California 2010- competitors go head to head “Olympic-style” in a wide variety of competitions; in each category, there will be a fierce contest of skills to see who is truly the most accomplished in the world. The Tassa band took part in the instrumental – drumming category where 12 gold medals were won.


. Tassa Extraordinaire . Tassa Ustad .


  • 2005 - Carnival Launching 

  • 2005 - Greetings for the Soca Warriors at their return from Bahrain

  • Greetings for Brian Lara for his 2nd World Record Breaking

  • 2005 - 2007 Rachael on the Promenade for Carnival Season

  • 2007 - 2018 - Opening and Closing of Divali Nagar 

  • 2008-  Hilton Hotel All Inclusive Fete

  • 2007 - 2020 National Centre for Persons with Disabilities Limited All Inclusive Fete 

  • 2008 Republic Bank Tassa Taal achieving “People‟s Choice‟

  • 2008 - Participated in the National Tassa Competition, achieving 4th Place

  • 2009 - Becoming the National Tassa Champions after participating in the National Tassa Competition achieving 1st  Place

  • 2009 - Welcoming the International guest for the CHOGM at Hilton Hotel

  • 2009 -  Performing for People Space for the CHOGM at the Queen‟s Park, Savannah

  • 2010 - Band participated in the National Tassa Competition  achieving 7th Place

  • 2013 - Trinbago Pride- Heritage walk at QPS, Port of Spain

  • 2013 - 14th Annual Caribbean Tourism Organization Sustainable Tourism Conference, Woodbrook,

  • 2012-2019 - In Joy Tours Cultural Shows

  • 2014-2019 National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited events

  • 2016 - Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival

  • 2016 Afro Funk Fashion Show

  • 2017 - National Museum- Indian Arrival Imprints- East Indian Expressions

  • 2017 - Caribbean Premiere League

  • 2017 - COSTTAAT- Cultural Show for Colombian Delegates

  • 2017  National Awards 2017 at NAPA alongside Bishop Anstey High School Choir

  • 2019 - Team Building with Atlantic LNG Staff



  • Grant Memorial Presbyterian School,

  • Preysal High School,

  • Valsayn Teachers College,

  • Carapichima West Secondary School,

  • Todd Street Temple,

  • Birdsong School of Music from Tunapuna,

  • Poverty Reduction course in Drum making and playing in Fyzabad,

  • Naparima Boys High School,

  • Siparia Deltones Summer music class,

  • Reform Hindu School 

  • Gasparillo Happy Hill Hindu School




  • The NCIC Nagar, Chaguanas,

  • Pleasantville Secondary School,

  • Marabella Secondary School,

  • Branch Road Hindu Temple,

  • Naparima Girls High School,

  • Siparia Road KPA School,

  • Parvati Girls High School,

  • Mon Pleasant Government Primary School,

  • St. Margaret’s Police Youth Club,

  • South Oropouche Police Youth Club,

  • NGC Trinidad & Tobago Sweet Tassa Academy and some students privately in Princes Town to children in his hometown, in this way he gives back, to the community by teaching the art form of tassa drumming so that the culture can be kept alive.



  • 2019  - Master Classes Annual Meeting of the Southeast and Caribbean Chapter of Society for Ethnomusicology at SAPA in 2016, Trinidad and Tobago - Cuba Educational and Cultural Exchange in collaboration with the National Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago and the San Fernando Arts Council will be presenting Habana Compas Dance from Cuba- Special workshops on percussion and dance 

  • 2011- 2020 - Trinidad Carnival Village at the Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

  • 2018 - AACC Performing Arts, Maryland 

  • 2018 - T&T Ambassador, Washington D.C. 

  • 2016 - Caribbean Callaloo- California 

  • 2014 - Cultural Show in Guadeloupe 

  • 2014 - Cultural Show in Grenada- Indian Arrival Day 

  • 2015 - Couva Joylanders Hall in  D Tassa Village- Exhibition and Concert

  • 2011- 2014 - Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana 

  • 2011-2015- University of Florida, Miami

  • 2010 - World Championships for the Performing Arts, California 

  • 2009-2018 – Orlando Carnival. Orlando

  • 2009-2018 – St. Pete's Carnival, Tampa

  • 2008-2018 – Caribbean Carnival, Miami

  • 2007 - Victory Heights CA. NAAC/WARC Youth Association Arouca,  Trinidad & Tobago

  • 2008 - Mera Desh Foundation, Chaguanas

  • 2010 - University of Florida, Santa Fe College, the Spring Arts Festival downtown, and at Studio Percussion ,

  • 2007 – Carnival Show, Antigua 

  • 2007 – Wedding and Cultural Show, Guyana 

  • 2006 –Cultural Show & Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji Birthday in Mysore, India 

  • 2006 – Cultural Show, London 

  • 2005 - Datatriya Temple 

  • 2006 - National Museum  

  • 2006 - Indian Expo in Lall‟s Shopping Plaza,

  • 2006 - 2009 - Divali Nagar

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