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​As a highly acclaimed Tassa Academy educates students with the skills and experience they need to excel as musicians.




We believe that one can't just beat a drum and think it's music, you must play the drum and love playing the drum to feel the music, and that is the essence of being a Tassa Drummer. When we play drums, the drum speaks to the drummer and the listening audience.

  ​"Music is Love and Love is Music

   The Late Mr. Joe 'Tassaman' Boodoosingh



Have access to instruments or just tassa sticks if you are interested in Tassa, Bass or Jhal.

Video Conference Services: Zoom, WhatsApp or Gmail.

Login to schedule a booking and please advise us the level you are at in music (beginner, intermediate, expert) or your level of knowledge in Tassa drumming. How a student retain information it would depend how much a student can learn within a session. 


NGC CSR Programme: NGC T&T Sweet Tassa